Ortel hernia belt

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De Thuasne Ortel liesbreukband enkelzijdig heeft een afneembare en terug te plaatsen siliconen pelotte voor liesbreuken zowel links als rechts.

Onderling verwisselbare en afstelbare banden.


Removable and put back silicone padded insert for inguinal hernias both left and right. 
Interchangeable and adjustable straps. 
• Inguinal 
• Postoperative
1: 75-85 cm 
2: 86-97 cm 
3: 98-110 cm 
4: 111-125 cm

indications :
Inguinal hernia on the right or left .

Inguinal hernia on both sides.

Before or after wear of the operation.

Permanent wear .

Instruction for single truss :

The single-sided truss can be used for an inguinal hernia on the right or left side .

Inguinal hernia on the right :

The single-sided truss is shipped for an inguinal hernia in the right-hand side .

The two plastic guides succession delete and then follow the instructions for installation .


Inguinal hernia on the left :

Removing small belt and on the other side (inside ) sites.

Attract the buckle with the two plastic guides , buckle around and put back in place ( with the metal hook to the outside) .

Remove the two plastic guides succession .

Invert the confirmation. The truss is now set for an inguinal hernia on the left . Then follow the instructions for installation .


Recommendations for the placing of the article:

The pad (s) to place the inside , on the inguinal hernia (s ) .

Adjusting the truss to the volume by adjusting. Confirmation The truss should be well pressed against the hernia without pinching .

Adjust the length of the straps under the thigh.

Check that the cushions are properly in place .


precautions :

Reduce the hernia before placing the break. Band It is recommended to lie down on the back and massaging . , The hernia Do not use in case of an onherstelbareliesbreuk .

Follow the recommendations of the supplier, who prescribed or supplied the product . In case of discomfort , consult this supplier. Store at room temperature , preferably in the original carton . Due to possible problems with hygiene and performance , we strongly advise you to re-use for the treatment of another patient this product. Should this happen , then it's reuse the sole responsibility of those who made ​​this decision and has the Thuasne warranty expires. Automatically


Only hand wash at 40 º C with a detergent without bleach or fabric softener .

Rid of water by compressing , do not wring .

Dry away from any heat source .

composition :

Cotton 39 %

Polyester 36 %

Elastodiene 24 %

Polyamide 1%

Color :