Pelvic Band


Pelvic bands serve to support pelvic complaints. Pelvic complaints usually manifested in pelvic instability. During pregnancy, the strength of the pelvis changes due to hormonal changes. The pelvis will have more space in the joints that is necessary for the delivery. However, this is a reason for some women to develop pelvic instability. The pelvic belts are an excellent solution in such situations. The pelvic strap gives more strength to the pelvis, which removes instability.
Inguinal hernia bands support the inguinal hernia.

The inguinal hernia band provides back pressure to the bulge at the bottom of the abdominal / groin region.

Match-U Pelvic band

Ortel hernia belt DUPLEX

Ortel hernia belt

Ortel P Pelvic band

Cellacare Materna Comfort Maternity Band