Complaint Handling

It is annoying if you have a complaint about the service as you have experienced.

However, we kindly ask you to give your complaint. Via e-mail to us

This can be by email, regular mail and / or telephone.


We will look into the complaint and attempt to everybody's satisfaction to resolve the complaint.

Our data:


brace Advice

Kerkweg 45a

4121 KR Zijderveld / Everdingen (Netherlands)

Phone no 0345-642618




After receiving your complaint, you will receive a confirmation.

We will investigate your complaint within 14 days of receipt answer, should it need more time, we will notify you informed.


If you do not appreciate it, you can always make contact with the mediation of Stichting Webshop Certified true (shop name) is a member. Department Should the mediation effort for some reason do not lead to a satisfactory solution, then it is possible to explain to the Disputes Committee (SGC). Your dispute