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brace line for children

Finally a brace line for children in our range.

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Scapulis Plus shoulder bandage

Comfortable orthosis with open top for maximum comfort. Accurately and individually adjustable Velcro closure. Complete immobilization and positioning through the Abduction.



Both left and right to wear.

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Match-U Hinged Kniestabilisator Air-X


Anatomically shaped knee brace with open patella. Inside and outside the brace with aluminum hinges.
The brace provides support without being annoying presence.
By ventilating capacity of the Air-X material, you can wear the bandage long.
Fixation tires provide good position retention.
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Geplaatst 31-08-2012


Because we are always looking for new products, we can offer you the new silicone insoles Medi present from this month.
The insoles are distinguished by their quality and favorable price.  

  Heel Soft                            Heel Wedge         Silicone Foot support


Geplaatst 20-02-2012

MANUTEC Fix Rizart
New in the range of brace advice.
Duimorthese to stabilize the thumb saddle and the thumb base joint.
To explain the single velcro. Easy to
Due to the anatomical fit, this product is very comfortable to wear.
Hand function remains relatively intact..
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Geplaatst 26-01-2012
Futuro night splint
From November 1 to the assortment of brace advice.
The futuro night splint is the first night splint which is only designed for this application.
The material is so soft and comfortable that you no disturb while sleeping.

Geplaatst 03-11-2011
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Nieuwe Push Med shoulderbrace

push logo

The current Push med shoulder brace will be replaced by the new Push med shoulder brace.
In the new shoulder brace is used Sympress ® material, which is moisture-wicking and very comfortable for the patient.

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Polar CS500 Tour de France


Polar, wereldmarktleider en pionier op het gebied van hartslagmeting,
 viert de 98e Tour de France met de lancering van een speciale editie van de CS500 fietscomputer.

Polar CS500 Tour de France
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Geplaatst 23-05-2011


Nieuw boek medical taping

Het nieuwste boek met de titel “Lymftapen” is nu verkrijgbaar.

In deze 200 pagina's tellende uitgave wordt uitgebreid ingegaan op de lymfeproblematiek bij;
   - goed/gezond werkend lymfesysteem, bijvoorbeeld posttraumatisch of postoperatief;
   - secundair lymfeoedeem, bijvoorbeeld na borstamputatie;
   - primair lymfoedeem.


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 Push CMC brace
Nieuw; de Push Med Ortho CMC.

Deze orthese voorziet in een duidelijke behoefte vanuit de markt.

Zet het CMC-I in een functionele stand en zorgt voor oppositie van de duim.


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Match-U Airstep nieuw

Match-U Airstep
Match-U Airstep detail1 Match-U Airstep detail2 Match-U Airstep detail3
Match-U Airstep detail5 Match-U Airstep detail6
Multifunctionele balanstrainer inclusief weerstandsbanden.
Inzetbaar binnen revalidatie, fitness en sport. Uiterst geschikt voor cardio-, stabiliteits-, coördintie- en krachttraining.   
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Push Sports Polsbrace

Push Sports Elbow Brace

Push Sports Ankle brace 8

Push Sports Thumb brace

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