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Bauerfeind LordoLoc back bandage is a stabilizing bandage to relieve the back.
The anatomical knitting technique guarantees a good individual fit. On the back side are ribs for support to the sacro-lumbar transition.

Stabilizing bandage to relieve the back. 
The anatomical knitting technique ensures a good fit individual. 
At the back are boning for support to the sacro-lumbar junction. 
Through a practical handle can pull the bandage easy, even with a poor hand function. 
Double velcro closure (adjustable). This easy to set the desired pressure 

  • Lumbalgy at myostatisch weakness of the system,
  • Irritation facetgewrichtjes,
  • Irritation of the S / I joint,
  • Degenerative changes of the spine.
    Pelvic measurement
    1: 70 - 80 cm
    2: 80 - 90 cm
    3: 90 - 100 cm
    4: 100-110 cm
    5: 110-120 cm
    6: 120 - 130 cm

    Klanten beoordeling

  • Light support for the lumbar spine
    LordoLoc is characterized by a very thin, yet highly effective construction. The flexible orthosis consists of two bands which four ribs of lightweight aluminum are integrated at the back. The ribs support the spine when an activation of the muscles alone is not enough . Here, the degree of stabilization increases with the upper band is tightened more tightly. For a perfect fit , the ribs can be formed individually. To the body of the patient
    Gentle and effective
    Easy to put on and comfortable : via Velcro fasteners , the orthosis opened and closed. The elastic bands provide are dependent on the setting of more or less compression . The soft , thin and light material takes up little space , without falling. Upon under clothing In this way relieves LordoLoc the lower mark - but invisible .
    Muscular insufficiency or degeneration of the spinal column
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