Lombaskin back brace

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Thuasne Lombaskin back brace is a functional stabilizing back brace. At the back side with 4 ribs. 2 front ribs.

Air-permeable, elastic combitex fabric.

Wear discreetly under clothing.

Available in 21 cm and 26 cm height


Functional stabilizing back brace. 
On dorsal side with four ribs. 
On ventral side two ribs. Breathable, elastic tissue Combitex. 
Back pain with or without nerve root pain in acute, subacute or chronic phase.


0: 60-70 cm 
1: 71-86 cm 
2: 87-102 cm 
3: 103-121 cm 
4: 122-140 cm

Klanten beoordeling

features :
The material used is light : 10 % lighter than a conventional support belt .
Breathable, elastic ( patented ) Combitex ® fabric .
Lumbar support with 4 ribs .
Supporting the abdomen by two ribs .

indications :
People with back pain .
Back pain with or without nerve root pain in acute , subacute or persistent phase .
Pelvis and lumbar support after surgery .
Individuals with connective tissue disorders (eg, persons with Ehlers -Danlos Syndrome ) .
People with sensitive skin .
Fibromyalgia .

Recommendations for the placing of the article:
Tighten the belt , using the wrist strap on the right side .
Place the support belt and locking it with the hand and thumb loop .
precautions :
Due to possible problems with hygiene and performance , we strongly advise you to re-use for the treatment of another patient this product. Should this happen , then it's reuse the sole responsibility of those who have taken this decision , and the Thuasne warranty expires. Automatically
Only with soapy wash , no detergent or bleach.
Before doing so make sure the Velcro straps are closed by pressing them. Together the support belt in the washing machine
Lay flat to dry away from any heat source .
composition :
66 % Polyamide
17 % Polyurethane
10 % Polyester
7 % Lycra

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