ManuTec Fix Rizart thumb orthosis from Orliman

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ManuTec Fix Rizart Thumb Orthosis provides stabilization of the thumb saddle and the thumb joint. Easy to install with a Velcro closure. Thanks to the anatomical fit, this product is very comfortable to wear. The hand function remains reasonably intact.

Duimorthese to stabilize the thumb saddle and the thumb base joint. 
By imposing some velcro. Easy to 
Due to the anatomical fit, this product is very comfortable to wear. 
Hand function remains relatively intact. 
• Injury of the ulnar and radial tires 
• Irritation of the thumb saddle joint 
• Osteoarthritis MCP1 joint
Size 1: 14-18 cm 
Size 2: 18-22 cm

Color: Red / Black Beige

Click experience ManuTex Fix Rizart

sponge-like material.
The properties of these materials allow for the reduction of perspiration, wearer comfort, and offers the possibility to pass. Easy to apply, in combination with the aluminum rib aanvormbare the brace
This results in a maximum stabilization without harming the comfort.

- The thumb brace is made of breathable velor making the air
can circulate
- The aluminum splint ensures optimum adaptability to any
- The bilateral design ensures that the brace left and right
wear is
- Easy lock system

- Support, stabilization, and immobilization

- Tendinitis, Instability CMC1, Skiduim, Iritatie CMC1, Arthritis

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