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The Push Ortho CMC thumb brace is a new orthosis from Push.
This orthosis provides a clear need from the market. Put the CMC-I in a functional position and ensure opposition of the thumb.

Push new orthosis. 
This orthosis provides a clear demand from the market. 
Put the CMC-I in a functional position and creates opposition of the thumb. 
• Stabilizes CMC. 
• Let MCP and wrist completely free. 
• Palm and duimweb not covered bothersome. 
• Osteoarthritis 
• Instability 
• Overload

• Size 1: 16 - 19.5 cm. 
• Size 2: 19.5 - 22.5 cm. 
• Size 3: 22.5 - 26 cm

More information >> Push ortho duimbrace <<< PDF file

Click >> Push ortho CMC Thumb Brace duimorthese video

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The Push CMC stabilizes the basal joint of the thumb (CMC) and positions the thumb in a functional position. This guarantees the function of the hand and symptoms limited. As pain and loss of strength
The choice of materials and the rounded edges ensure optimal comfort and can be installed easily. Itself through the simple locking system The product is antimicrobial, suitable for use in water and can be easily lost.
Osteoarthritis of the CMC-I joint
Postoperative treatment of the CMC-I joint
Status after arthroplasty of the CMC-I joint
Instability of the CMC-I joint
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