Medi Genumedi Plus Knee brace

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The Medi Genumedi Plus is an elastic ventilated knee bandage with silicone pad around the patella and flexible ribs medial and lateral.

This Plus version has elastic fixation straps under and above the knee joint.


Knee bandage silicone patella ring tissue compression operation and silicone insert with massage effect together ensure that improves circulation, which leads to faster absorption of bruising and edema, the seamless knitted knee support improves proprioception and thus achieved an improvement of the muscular support. 
• Specially designed silicone ring enclosing the patella; 
• traction control through medial and lateral embedded silicone nubs board; 
• elastic, breathable and moisture-regulating material clima-comfort; 
• the special knitting technique "comfort", the knee and relieves prevent constriction; 
• maximum pressure relief of the patella due to the special inner edge of the silicon ring. 
* Slight instability of the knee joint; 
* Bruising and slight swelling in the joints; 
* Chondromalacia of the patella; 
* Chronic, postoperative and posttraumatic irritation; 
* Arthritis and osteoarthritis; 
* Meniscus injury; 
* Patellafemoraal pain syndrome.
Size Adjustments: 
D: 5 cm below joint
F: 15 cm above joint

Size D: 5 cm below
1: 25-28 cm
2: 28-31 cm
3: 31-34 cm
4: 34-37 cm
5: 37-40 cm
6: 40-43 cm
7: 43-46 cm
Size: F: 15 cm above
37-40 cm 
40-43 cm 
43-46 cm 
46-49 cm 
49-52 cm 
52-55 cm 
55-58 cm

Customer review

Click Genumedi experience with Medi Plus

If the joints when climbing stairs, walking, sitting or standing hurt, might help bandages.
They reduce the load, relieve pain or catch it on.
medi knee supports active breathing and perspiration-free.
The knitted soft comfort zones ensure comfort and freedom of movement.

Bandages to relieve knee relieve the pain or take it away.
Thus, the knee bandage Genumedi the kneecap with a silicone ring.
Swelling, osteoarthritis or meniscus problems can be so treated.
Soft comfort zones (eg Genumedi) ensure the comfort of the knee.

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