Otto Bock Malleosprint ankle brace

Otto Bock
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The Malleo Sprint orthosis is an excellent choice in the event of an ankle injury. 
This modern active orthosis provides a high degree of stability of the ankle through the intelligent combination of a special plastic exoskeleton and belt guide. It neutralizes turning while you flex and extend the foot up and down. Your freedom of movement, for example, while walking or during exercise, is not limited, but still enjoying the high level of security and stability that the orthosis.

• Inversion / eversion 
• Instability 
• Preventive

User Manual PDF file

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•S 25,5 - 28 cm
•M 28 - 30,5 cm
•L 30,5 - 33 cm
•XL 33,0 - 35,5 cm
•XXL 35,5 - 38,0 cm