Foot-Up ankle brace Shoeless

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Foot-Up Shoeless ankle brace, can only be used in combination with Foot-Up ankle brace. The Shoeless Foot-Up connection with the Foot-Up & allows the orthosis to be worn at home without shoes. The Shoeless wrap fits around the arch of the foot and clips around the Foot-Up ankle strap.

Foot-Up Shoeless ankle brace, is used. Only in conjunction with Foot-up ankle brace The Shoeless Foot-Up connection to the Foot-Up & the orthosis can be worn at home without shoes. The Shoeless wrap fits around arch of the foot and clips to the Foot-Up anklet.

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Shoeless (scale on the instep)
1: <20
2: 21-24
3: 24-28
4: >28
Left and right portable