Push med Shoulder Brace

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The Push med Shoulder Brace fixes the upper and lower arm during the treatment of shoulder injury.

The position of the shoulder brace can be chosen so that the arm is fixed in a neutral position or a slight adduction.


More information:
You can easily change the position by slightly turning the chest strap.
If only an abduction restriction is desired, the wrist fixation can be removed.
By means of a band around the middle hand, the hand is supported to prevent hanging off.
Because the brace closes around the torso, the neck-shoulder region remains unloaded.
Each fixation point is individually adjustable, so that a good fit is always achieved.


 * Acute phase after (sub) luxations

* Subcapital humeral fracture

* Acromioclavicular joint injuries

* Postoperative

Size chest:

1: 55 - 75 cm

2: 75 - 105 cm



The shoulder brace is available in 3 sizes .
Per measure the performance for both
left shoulder to use as the judge.
For the correct size selection is the breast size 5 inches above the height of the hanging elbow measured .
The table on the package you will find the right size corresponding to the measured
breast size .
The correct installation order is determined by the increasing molecular symbols
Velcro ( ) .
Before the brace is applied it is recommended that the various tires
close , so you have a good view of the brace .
A. Plug the transmitter into a comfortable "fit" ( ) .

For the professional that the brace extradite :
On first use should be the
band of the brace once the patient to be set:
A1 . Then set the transmitter such, so that the strap connecting
to the body and comfortable by the patient is experienced.
B. Close the top bracelet by threading the strap through the buckle and closing net
above the elbow ( ) .
C. Connect the wrist palm rest so that both the wrist and the hand well
supported ( ) . You can use the wrist - hand support on the transmitter to
the left and right shift for a can for the best possible position .
Close the Velcro straps for washing to protect the brace and other
laundry .
The brace can be washed at 30 ° C , delicates or hand wash .
Use while washing bleach .
The brace should be lightly centrifuged : hang the brace afterwards in the open air
drying (not the heater or in a tumble dryer ) .
For a long life , it is important your brace after use , if necessary ,
to dry before you store them. first
• For a correct use of your Push brace a diagnosis by a doctor or
his therapist necessary .
• For optimum function is an essential right size choice . Therefore adjust
Before purchasing your brace to control the size. The professional staff
Your dealer will explain how to best pulls your Push brace . Keep
the product so that you can read later. constructing instructions
• If the product changes , refer to the individual specialist
• Before each use of your Push brace or no wear or
aging of components or stitching is observable . an optimal
Depending on your Push brace is only guaranteed if the product is fully
is intact .

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