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The Achillotrain is an Achilles tendon bandage that relieves the Achilles tendon. Silicone pads are located on the outside and inside of the Achilles tendon. These provide relief and give a massaging effect on tendon. Interwoven in the bandage is a heel lift. Included is a loose heel lift for unaffected side.

Active Achilles bandage which relieves the Achilles tendon. 
Medial and lateral to the Achilles tendon are silicone pellottes. 
These provide relief and provides massaging effect on tendon. 
The bandage is interwoven a heel lift. 
Included is a loose heel lift for uninvolved side. 
Achillodynia, Para achillae Tendinitis, Post-operative after rupture. 


1: 17 - 19 cm 
2: 19-21 cm 
3: 21 - 23 cm 
4: 23 - 25 cm 
5: 25-27 cm

Indicate left or right.

The pain on the heels
AchilloTrain ® offers three therapeutic effects:
One along the Achilles tendon running pelotte distributes pressure evenly without reducing wearing comfort.
The massage effect stimulates the metabolism and helps reduce edema.
An integrated, viscoelastic wedge heel cushion provides extra relief for the Achilles tendon.
Protected all around good
Thanks especially stretchy and three-dimensional anatomic knitting AchilloTrain ® also sits on the instep optimal. The breathable material prevents the accumulation of moisture. The wedge heel cushion is removable and there is a separate heel cushion for the other foot (length compensation) included.