Push Med neck brace

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The Push Med Neck Brace offers good support to the cervical spine due to the anatomical shape and the use of rigid foam.

The Push Med Neck Brace provides support to the vertebral column through its anatomical shape and the use of rigid foam. 
The neck brace includes a detachable element for additional support. 
The element rests on the sternum and jaw for effective support. 
The brace can also be worn if lighter support is desired. Without the reinforcement element 
For example, during the night or in the course of the treatment. 
The proper fit and use of moisture-wicking material, the brace can be worn very comfortably.

- Treatment of whiplash, acute neck injury , 
Post-operative after cervical vertebrae surgery, 
-Cervical Herniated nucleus pulposus, 
-Cervical arthrosis, 
-Cervical arthrosis with pseudoradiculair syndrome, disc disease

1: 27-36 cm 
2: 36 - 46 cm 
Execution: 8 cm and 10 cm height

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