Bioskin Standard Ankle Skin ankle brace

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The Bioskin Standard ankle brace is a very comfortable thin bandage that gives excellent compression and fits into any shoe. By closing Velcro, with the loosely supplied elastic band you can increase the stability of the bandage. Is particularly suitable for sports. The Bioskin Standard ankle support is already used by various football clubs (including the highest level) as a replacement for taping.

Standard only support very comfortable thin bandage provides excellent compression, fits in any shoe.By closing. Velcro

With the separately supplied elastic strap allows you to increase the stability of the bandage. Is particularly suitable for sports.

Is already used by several football clubs (including the top level) as a substitute for taping


  • Band Injury,

  • chill teat injury prevention.

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  • Size:
    0/XS : 25,5 - 28 cm
     1/S : 28 - 30,5 cm
     2/M : 30,5 - 33 cm
     3/L : 33 - 35,5 cm
     4/XL : 35,5 - 38 cm
     5/XXL: 38 - 40,5 cm


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