Push Med ankle brace

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The Push Med ankle brace provides support to the ankle joint and can be used for a long time in a wide range of indications and times of use. Push Med ankle brace is comfortable and easy to use, partly due to integrated heel lock winding.

Push med ankle brace Provides support enkelgewircht and longer time deployed on wide range of cases and conditions.

Push Med ankle brace is comfortable and easy to use, thanks to integrated heel-lock.


  • Secondary prevention of ankle ligament lesion,

  • Acute ankle ligament lesions,

  • Ankle fractures Weber type A with isolated lateral malleolus,

  • Chronic instability,

  • Capsular irritation.

  • Secondary prevention of ankle ligament lesions

    Fits very well with the ankle. The brace is very slim and can therefore be used from inside the shoe.

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  •  Size
    1 : 26 - 29 cm
    2 : 29 - 32 cm
    3 : 32 - 35 cm
    4 : 35 - 38 cm
    5 : 38 - 41 cm
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