Do you have unstable spine?

Exercise for back pain
In almost all cases of back pain inactivity plays a major role . Furthermore, instability caused by degenerative and aging processes it (for example, wear and tear of the intervertebral disc , or collapse of the intervertebral disc ) are absorbed by the stiffening of the muscle corset . Hence, in the treatment of back pain exercise / fitness training top. They should follow all muscle groups , not just the back muscles to be trained.

Of course, excess weight should be corrected , because it makes it easier to deal with back problems .

Adjust working and living conditions
It is good to see if there are many back-breaking situations occur . Home and at work These can be , in order to prevent or reduce the load on the back , to be adapted much as possible.

external support

When stabilizing the muscle corset fails , an external support or an orthopedic corset or bandage ( LumboTrain , LumboTrain Lady LumboLoc and Thuasne Dynacross Support Belt ) provide a good temporary or permanent relief .