Omotrian shoulder bandage

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De Omotrain schouderbrace is een schouderbandage ter stabilisering van het schoudergewricht. De schouderbandage centreert de schouderkop in de kom.
Hierdoor wordt de gewrichtspositionering  verbeterd.
Compressie door individueel positioneerbare pelotte.

The Omotrain is an active shoulder bandage to stabilize the shoulder joint. 
The bandage centers the humerus. 
The joint position is improved. 
Compression by individually positionable pelota. 

* Instability of the shoulder joint (dislocated shoulder); 
* Wear Phenomena and trauma; 
* Tendon Inflammation; 
* Post-treatment of orthopedic surgery; 
* Shoulder pain (post-traumatic or post-operative); 
* Arthritis of the shoulder.

0: 20-22 cm
1: 22-24 cm
2: 24-26 cm
3: 26-29 cm
4: 29-32 cm
5: 32-36 cm
6: 36-40 cm
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Left and right portable
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Active support for a functional treatment of the shoulder joint
Omotrain is an anatomically shaped , active shoulder bandage to the shoulder joint stabilizes and supports the shoulder moves through a sophisticated development of the tires.
The viscoelastic pad is individually movable and stimulates blood flow , causing swelling and reduce pain quickly .
A specially formed board ensures optimum comfort .
Protection for shoulder
Relieve pain, to encourage the mobility - which makes Omotrain via a system consisting of an elastic bandage , straps and a padded insert individually placeable acting on the shoulder joint . The bandage encourages and supports without the freedom to limit the shoulder joint. The compression and massage effect activates the metabolism . The elongated longitudinal curve can be used as the individual therapy requires. Via a hook and loop system as a supplement
support movement
The bandage can be easily applied and removed , and is attached to the upper body with a soft band . The breathable , anatomically shaped active Train - knit adapts to individual body shape , ensures an effective compression and is still comfortable even after hours . In this way, the healing process will be optimally supported , pain relieved and the mobility stimulated.