Wrist Brace
Sports injuries are just as precious as traffic accidents
A special campaign, the number of sports injuries reduce by at least ten percent in the coming years.
The organization has prevention site commissioned by the Ministry of Health www.voorkomblessures.nl developed.
Wrist Complaints 
An important causal factor for the development of wrist injuries is continuous, repetitive strain on the wrist,
so that small cracks can develop. tendons in the
A tape or brace makes sense, because it stabilizes the wrist, the strength of the wrist improves and prevents extreme range of motion.
There are two types of wrist braces can be distinguished: 
1. The wrist bandage 
2. The sturdy wrist brace, with the hand slightly stabilized backward curved position, and the palm is covered.
Video Tour Sanchez continues with wrist brace | Sport.nl 
Video Tour Sanchez continues with wrist brace, after a crash in the first stage Spaniard Luis-Leon Sanchez must continue the tour with a wrist brace. 
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Basko hand thumb wrist brace


Comfortable wrist-hand-thumb brace to stabilize the wrist and thumb. 
By single pull lacing system to attract. Easy to 
Extra reinforced by three splints. 
Rheumatism, arthritis, arthrosis, Quervain, instability, overload.



XS: 12-14 cm 
S: 14-16 cm 
M: 16-18 cm 
L: 18-20 cm 
XL: 20-22 cm


COLOR: Beige, Black Klanten beoordeling

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Bioskin DP Wrist wristbrace

The Bioskin DP Wrist wrist brace, provides uniform compression. 
Includes adjustable spoons, both dorsal and palmar.
• tendovaginitis 
• CTS 
• Osteoarthritis 
• Arthritis 
• Overload 

XS / S: 10-15 cm 
M / L: 15-20 cm 
XL / XXL: 20-25 cm

Specify left or right

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Match-U Wrist Splint


Comfortable wrist brace with removable aluminum palk on the palmar side. 
To hand back 3 non-elastic straps. 
Easy on and off.

Arthristis, Distortion, Overload CTS, RSI, Instability

XS: less than 14 cm 
S: 14-16 cm 
M: 16-19 cm 
L: 19 - 22 cm 
XL: greater than 22 cm

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Medi Manumed Active silver


Manumed active is a handgewrichts bandage for stabilization and relief of the wrist with the proven breathable Clima-Comfort knitting. 
The hand splint is anatomically shaped and can be individually adjusted using. 
The anatomical binding delivers a very precise additional relief of the pressure. 
• Hand Joint injuries, eg sprains, distortions 
• Hand Joint Osteoarthritis 
• Tenosynovitis (tendovaginitis)

Wrist circumference 
1: 13-15 cm 
2: 15-17 cm 
3: 17-19 cm 
4: 19-21 cm

Klanten beoordeling

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Push Care Wrist Rest

A comfortable, elastic support, which can be determined by the simple Velcro closure., The amount of aid itself 
The palm rest supports you during your activities, but do not. Hinders you 
The palm is released allowing a good grip is maintained. 
Slight instability Overload Painful wrist 

1: 13-15 cm 
2: 15 - 17 cm 
3: 17 - 19 cm 
4: 19-21 cm 
Left or Right

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Push Med Wrist Brace


The Push med Wrist Brace provides a high level of support and protection to the wrist joint, without restricting. Hand function The anatomically shaped stiffeners limit the palmar and dorsal flexion, without blocking it completely. Through an easy to apply elastic band the degree of compression can be adjusted optimally. The brace is closing. Easily with one hand around the forearm Around vulnerable areas of the wrist comfort zones of padded material. 

Overload, distortion, osteoarthritis, post wrist fracture, residual instability, tendonitis of the wrist extensors.

1: 13-15 cm 
2: 15 - 17 cm 
3: 17 - 19 cm 
4: 19-21 cm
Push med wrist brace I www.braceadvies.nl

left or right.

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Push Med Wrist Brace Splint


The Push med Wrist Brace Splint provides rest to the wrist, without limit. Hand function 
The brace is closing. Easily with one hand around the forearm, the wrist and hand 
A circular non-elastic connection ensures that the after molding splint closely follows the anatomy of the wrist joint. 
In this way, the palmar flexion is restricted and the hand placed in a functional position. 
Sympress ™ Technology The brace is made of Sympress ™, a high-quality comfortable material. 
The product feels soft and offers the user a comfortable and secure feeling. 
The Push med Wrist Brace Splint is easy to apply and can be washed without problems.

• Therapy-resistant strain complaints of the wrist extensors 
• Moderate to severe rheumatoid complaints 

• Carpal tunnelsydroom (Tingling, tingling and numbness in the thumb, index, middle andhalf of the ring finger)

• 1, 13-15 cm
• 2, 15 to 17 cm 
• 3, 17 to 19 cm 
• 4, 19-21 cm

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Comfortable suede wrist brace.

By single velcro lacing system to attract. Easy to

Palmar features an anatomically shaped removable splint.


Tendonitis, mild to moderate sprains and strains. carpal tunnel synddroom (Tingling, tingling and numbness in the thumb, index, middle andhalf of the ring finger), treatment after plaster.


Wrist circumference size 

XS: <14 cm 
S: 14-16 cm 
M :16-18 cm 
L: 18-20 cm 
XL: 20-22 cm

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Ligaflex Classic wrist splint


Orthosis for stabilization of the thumb saddle and thumb base joint. 
On radial side with solid aluminum splint. 
The palm is left completely free. This extremely functional.


  • Quervain,

  • Bursitis,

  • Overload / sprain,

  • Skiduim.

    1: 13 -15 cm 
    2 15.5 - 17.5 cm 
    3: 18-20 cm 
    4: 20.5 to 23 cm