Achilles Injury

What is it? 
An Achilles tendon injury is a typical overuse injury.

It is an injury that occurs between the heel bone to approximately 10 inches above.

The Achilles tendon injury can be in: 
1. the attachment of the tendon to the heel 
2. the tendon to the surrounding tissue 
3. the bursa in the depth on the front side of the tendon

Achilles Complaints

The groin injury

What is it? 
Groin pain is often called a groin injury. Automatically often one thinks of an injury of the afferent leg muscles (adductors), but that is not always the case! 
The groin injury really only says something about the fact that there is pain in the groin.

An inguinal hernia or rupture of a muscle in the groin area may also be considered. A groin injury 
Groin Injury

The hamstring injury

What is it? 
A hamstring injury only indicates that there is a muscle injury at the back of the thigh (hamstrings). This may include a sprain or rupture of the muscles mean. A sprain can be regarded as a tiny crack of a few small muscle fibers.

Hamstring Injury

Sprain / sprain

What is it? 
The most common sports injury is the ankle sprain: a whopping 15% of sports injuries is one. When a joint omzwikt, the tires can around the joint to stretch or tear. This is called a sprain or sprain. 
The anatomical illustration below shows you which three bands damaged the ankle sprain.It is the numbers 2, 3 and 4 on the outer side of the ankle. These three bands make together with a number of bands on the inside of the ankle part of the joint capsule.


The wrist injury

What is it? 
In a wrist injury there may be an overuse injury, but also of a sprain of the wrist. Below we will briefly explain both of the above injuries.


Tennis elbow

What is it? 
It is an overuse injury of the extensor muscles of the wrist, causing pain at the level of the attachment of these muscles to the outside of the elbow. The pain may radiate to the wrist, back of the hand, upper arm or shoulder. Lifting and turning movements, like a cup of tea Holding Hands, open a door or washing dishes can be extremely painful. It gives in tennis especially problems in beating the backhand and service. Causes it to quickly ramp up the sport load, constant unilateral movements or prolonged high taxes, a different stroke techniques and / or change of racket stringing or job type.



Shoulder Tendon inflammation

What is it? 
A shoulder is a relatively unstable joint, allowing the shoulder muscles often have to process large forces. In many sports, such as swimming and racquet and throwing sports and ball games are some of the muscles and tendons in the shoulder especially taxed heavily. Tendon Inflammation often overuse injuries. The pain from the tendonitis can be classified according to increasing severity


Knee injury (knee rotation / knee injury)

What is it? 
The knee is a very injury prone joints, especially by a twisting or abnormal lateral movement. An injury to a ligament or meniscus often causes bleeding within a day or accumulation of fluid in the knee. The athlete will experience this as a thick, warm knee that hurts and not moving properly. 
With a rotation of the knee, usually the first capsule and ligaments damaged and / or one of the two menisci. The anterior cruciate ligament may also be broken.


Low back pain

What is it? 
Back pain is caused by many diseases. Here we treat low back pain. This occurs in many sports and usually consists of stabbing and stiffness in the lower back. Overloading of the low back muscles or a sudden twisting motion can cause a muscle of the back muscles.We call this spit or lumbago. The back is stiff and painful to move. One of the other causes may be a disorder in the sacro-iliac joint (pelvis, sacroiliac joint). The sacroiliac joint is located between the ends of the spine (sacrum) and the iliac wing of the pelvis.




Use only with braces outdoor football

The most common sports injury is a sprain of the ankle. Get as many as 200,000 athletes have to do with each year. About half of these accidents are treated medically. In 40% of the cases, the ankle remain unstable even after medical treatment.

89,000 football field sprain their ankle every year. In 48 to 73% of the cases, the same injury to it later again.