Elbow Brace
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Actimove Epimotion elbow support


Active anatomic elbow support for continuous intermittent compression radial and ulnar viscoelastic pelottes.

• Pressure-free edges prevent afsnoering 
• Anatomically shaped massage cushions provide local pressure massage 
• Specially designed "Motion Comfort Zone" ensures a great freedom of movement and prevents wrinkle formation in the elbow 
• "Helix design" reflects the support and stability which allows the bandage 
• 3-dimensional knitting technology for maximum compression and anatomical fit

* Degenerative problems at the level of the elbow joint; 
* Overuse injuries of the elbow; 
* Lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow); 
* Medial epicondylitis (golfer's elbow); 
* Joint inflammation (arthritis); 
* Tendomyopathie; 
* Postoperative and / or post-traumatic irritation

Circumference 12 cm below elbow crease.

0: 17-19 cm 
1: 19-21 cm 
2: 21-23 cm 
3: 23-25 ​​cm 
4: 25-27 cm 
5: 27-29 cm 
6: 29-31 cm

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Tennis elbow band made ​​of lycra. 
Provided with a semi-rigid pressure point, with which an additional elastic band for

a good dosable compression creates. 

  • Lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow).

  • Medial epicondylitis (golfarm)


    XS: 20-22 cm

    S: 22-25 cm

    M: 25-28 cm

    L: 28-30 cm

    XL: 30 - 33 cm

    XXL: 33 - 35 cm

  • Medi Epicomed silver elbow support


    The bandage provides compression and siliconenpelotte creates a massaging effect which the healing is promoted.

    The bandage provides targeted pressure, which reduces pain and tendon attachment is relieved.

    • anatomical knit bandage with siliconenpelotte 
    • Removable velcrostrap individual pressure adjustment 
    • Comfort zone: special knitting technique in the elbow to prevent afsnoering 
    • manufactured in elastic and breathable material: the clima-comfort fabric is skin friendly and wicks moisture quickly and completely 
    * Lateral and medial epicondylitis; 
    * Elleboogsubluxatie; 
    * Swelling in the elbow joint caused by arthritis and osteoarthritis; 
    * Chronic, postoperative and posttraumatic irritation.

    5 cm below the elbow joint

    Scope thickest portion forearm. 
    1: 17-20 cm
    2: 20-23 cm 
    3: 23-26 cm 
    4: 26-29 cm 
    5: 29-32 cm 
    6: 32-35 cm

    Not distinguish left and right.

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    Click experience with Medi Epicomed silver


    Through a controlled and adjustable bracket the Epi-med relieves the tendon attachment at the lateral and medial epicondyle. 
    The pressure is changed, the angle at which the attachment is loaded, as well as the elongation ability of the lower arm 
    tendon reduced and thus the tensile force acting on the tendon attachment. 
    Overload and thereby reduce pain.

    The advantages at a glance: 
    Mechanical-relief of the tendon attachment at the lateral and medial epicondyle of the forearm 
    Dosable-compression on the forearm muscles 
    -No negative effects on the circulatory system 
    Slip by padding with silicone pelotte 
    -Removable and washable padding 
    -Standard Optional extra padding, padding replacement pelotte without silicone for people with silicone allergy

    Xs: 22-23 cm 
    S: 24-25 cm 
    M: 26-27 cm 
    L: 28-30 cm 
    XL: 31 - 34 cm

    Active Epitrain elbow support for continuous intermittent compression.

    Anatomically knitted bandage. 
    Each support radial and ulnar provide an intermittent compression. 

  • Medial epicondylitis (golfarm).

  • Lateral epicondylitis tennis elbow).

  • Trauma,

  • Surmenage,

  • Postoperatively.

  • The widest part of your forearm


    0: 17 - 19 cm

    1: 19-21 cm

    2: 21-23 cm

    3: 23 - 25 cm

    4: 25-27 cm

    5: 27 - 29 cm

    6: 29-31 cm

    Color: Beige, White.

    Epitrain ® Brochure PDF file

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    Push Med elbow brace


    The Push med Elbow brace features an adjustable extension limitation of the elbow joint. This prevents overstretching.

    The desired degree of limitation is set. Easily with one hand

    The belt system is resistant to high tensile forces at different angles and with very functional. The good anatomical fit and the silicone application help the position of the elbow brace during movement.

    The elbow brace is comfortable and lightweight.

    The base is thanks to a zipper and easy to take off.

    * Impingement by overstretching (capsular) 
    * Persistent complaints after elbow dislocations and / or fractures 
    * Degenerative disorders of the elbow joint


    1: 22-24 cm

    2: 24-26 cm

    3: 26-28 cm

    4: 28 - 32 cm

    5: 32-36 cm

     Push Med Elleboogbrace video

    The measurement must be done in flexion and not in a straight position. Doing so may differ one size. Measured in the elbow

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